Monday, November 14, 2005

Monday Edition: Life is a Battlefield

"If only there was a G.I. Bill for girls. Just getting through a day was like walking a battlefield," (Shimmer, pg. 50).*

Ever felt that way? That life for women can be just like a battlefield? Call me pessimistic, but sometimes going to school, trying to be pretty, exercise, do the laundry, eat well, be social, fill church callings, be informed about the world, and keep up with friends, and have time to relax, deal with all the crazies that call upon you at work, do your family history, seems like a hard job! Not too mention, feel good about yourself, ignore negitive media images, ect., ect., ect., ect. (I can only imagine if i had kids too!)

I have realized that at times I have let this world make me "tough." And I will walk around, with almost an, "I dare you to be nice to me," or "I dare you to mess with me," look on my face. At times my mode of driving, and interacting with people in public places, can be defensive. A few weeks ago at a football game with Panini and her date, I was waxing sentimental over the trees, falling leaves, and mountains, and I said, "Whoa! Getting a little too sentimental!" And the boy said something to the extent of, that's not bad to show your soft side~. And that made me think. So, today, on Monday morning, which at times can seem the hardest, I am thankful for the people that help me be "soft."

This last weekend I went to get my fingerprints done at the local Provo Police Station. I joke about the fact that the 500 millionth person I have been in love with this year, is now the cute, cute man that takes fingerprints Thursday nights at the Provo Police Station! Why did I fall in love with him? (He's probably married, but I couldn't tell because he had gloves on), was that he was so nice to me! Treated me like I was the only person that had stepped into his office that day, and that he was happy to talk to me, and did, talk to me, with interest, about everything in my life, while inking up my fingers! I'm so in love! jk. Then, at the orientation meeting for my professional educators program, a very nice married man in line in front of me asked me which emphasis I was taking, and we chatted in line until it was time to sign in. I love nice people! And I love men that make me feel like a woman. And on Sunday, Panini and I poured over Halloween pictures, (both of us dressed as Pirates) and told each other how cute we looked in the photos! Both of us denying that we looked good, but of course the other looked gorgeous in this shot or that! LOL. My roomate died listening in the other room, and wouldn't let me forget what she had over heard!

The reason I mention all of these silly things, is that I am reminded that I am a woman, and that I should be lovley and kind, and not take the world on like an battlefield! I am thankful for people who are nice to me, and remind me to be nicer to others. So this week, call me sentimental, I am going to remember the things that make me a woman, and I am going to share them with others.

Monday Morning words of inspiration:

"Sometimes the commitment gets a little heavy and sometimes I wonder if I can really do this. Then I think of all that I have been given, and it is easy to get up and do a little something more."
~Marjorie Pay Hinckley

*Quote from Shimmer by Sarah Schulman, (a book about the shattering of the American Dream post WWII).


aquamarine said...

Esperanza, thank you for that reminder!! I have been rather gruff today as well. I think it has to do with Monday's. They always see so irritating. Back to the grind I guess.

Scully said...

Funny, I heard Pat Benatar's "Love is a Battlefield" this morning on the way to work. I think we develop a crusty shell because there are so many people who look for a way to take advantage. Plus there are so many things society teaches us to fear, so we cover up our soft areas with something hard. Kind of like when we were little girls and developed calluses on our hands from the monkey bars and the twirling bars.

Panini said...

That was just a sweet lovely post and I've already got it printed in my lap. Being okay with "being soft." What a beautiful concept.

As far as your first paragraph...oh my gosh! Too true!! urg.

Love the Marjorie Pay

p.s. Despite your roommate antics (which one?), I would say it all again, "I am a good picture taker and you looked amazing!" :)

SJ said...

I really like the switch to white

SJ said...

And now back to dark blue...

Sherpa said...

I love this post. Its true, I've let the world make me tough..especially in some of the fields I've worked, and now I live in Type A Mecca, but yeah--letting each other be soft and part of who we are too.

SJ said...

I am a woman, and I agree we need more softness today. but I also think men could benefit the same. As people we can become tough and hardened. Wouldn't the world be a better place if we all valued what seem to be more "womanly" values of softness, kindness, peace?