Monday, November 25, 2013

Sand Dune Arch

P and I took a quick weekend trip last week to Moab - one of my most favorite places in the world. We hiked Sand Dune Arch, the Delicate Arch (on the Utah license plate), and we did half of the Devil's Garden hike - which goes past Landscape Arch and the Double-O Arch.

Me sitting on top of the Sand Dune Arch, probably illegal.

I love, love, love this view into the slot canyons from the Devil's Garden trail.

P & I at the Double-O Arch

P climbing onto Double-O arch.

The Delicate Arch - it only took us 5 shots to get a perfect picture.

I love that my wonderful husband & I both share a love for the outdoors. It would be hard to be married to someone who did not share this love of mine.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Haunted Houses & The House of the Lord

I love my husband more this week because of two places, a haunted house and the House of the Lord.

P and I went to Insanity Point in Lehi for a fun double date. As we wove through the haunted locations I was screaming my head off - and my dear, sweet husband would just go up to the scary dudes and say, "Hey - how are you doing? Nice face paint." Just like that. All calm and conversational. You would think he was being friendly with the clerk in the grocery store (which he always is). It was awesome. While I attracted more attention, because who doesn't want to freak out the screaming girl, they kinda just left my husband alone. When I thought I was losing my mind (even while knowing it was fake) he was calm like a Sunday walk. I LOVE HIM. Oddly, going through the haunted houses with him made me realize if we were in a real panic situation he would probably be able to calmly neutralize my nerves. He claims he was secretly a little scared inside, but able to exude cool and collected on the outside. Nice move, P. I think I will keep you.

As for the House of the Lord - going to the temple always strengthens our marriage. We love to go to the Mount Timpanogoos temple where we got married last June. Feeling the spirit of the Lord together reminds us of our marriage covenants to one another and infuses us with the desire to love each other better everyday.