Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Staying Chaste Before Marriage

The topic the seminary council asked me to speak about at a lunch-fireside this Friday: staying chaste before marriage. The girls were hilarious when they asked me begging each other to ask me, "No you ask," "No you ask!"  When they asked me to talk about staying worthy and clean before marriage it all came out in one long jumbled sentence...

"Well we thought you could talk about slfksjdf;lsakdjfieo;sdlakf;dsflkasd, Okay?" I said okay.

 It reminded me of the embarrassed way us girls would initiate a date with a boy in high school - or boys asked us to out in high school; you only knew what they were saying just enough to say yes, and then get more details later.

I'm excited to talk to them...a little nervous, yes, but excited. I need to own up that I have been an example to them and not be embarrassed to address the reason I am. I am humble, and blessed to be able to say I did stay clean, or "save myself" if you will before I was married, and am blessed now to be three months into my eternal marriage, with my wonderful husband, P.