Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Grand Tetons, Wyoming

Could this National Park be any more beautiful? Fall Break, 2012.
The unmistakable  Grand Teton mountain range in Wyoming

Taggert Lake, Grand Tetons

Taggert Lake, Grand Teton National Park

Jenny Lake, Grand Teton National Park

Buffalo--or--Great American Bison, as it were.

Camping Friends- Patrick, Me, Todd, Noemi, & Alexis

This guy was pea-cocking for the ladies. No joke, he was all puffed up and there were two or three ladies with him. 

This is not zoomed in, I was this close to this big guy! He walked right past us on the hiking trail.

Monday, October 08, 2012

And that is what happens when you date a high school teacher.

Two of my favorite students made this little present for me and left it on my filling cabinet.  It is a pretty creative little grass umbrella made out of tape, paper clips, and magic markers!
My T.A. wrote me this little sticky note saying: "Mrs. Baker loves her boyfriend" and stuck in  on my podium while I was lecturing. It totally threw me off and made me blush! 

Beautiful flowers arrived for me today from my cute boyfriend!

Not sure if my cute boyfriend knew what he was getting into dating a high school teacher. Not only am I super duper busy grading papers and planning lessons, and thus not giving him quite as much time as he would like, but he also probably didn't realize how interested my students would be in him, everything from trying to google and facebook stalk him, to staring at us at school events he attends with me.

It is way more fun for me though, because my students leave me little presents to tease me about dating someone, and ask all sorts of questions just to distract me mid-lesson.

The cute thing is though, sometimes said cute boyfriend sends me little presents too. These beautiful flowers arrived in the front office for me today! They are so beautiful. How could I not fall for this man?!