Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Cutest Thing I've Ever Seen. My Nephew Joshua.

The Great American Dream

Donny, Donny, Donny. Even he could not help but laugh a little, okay, I know its his job, but seriously. Did anyone catch the opening night of this new game show? The audeince decides who's great american dream should be fulfilled with ABC's deep pockets. Okay, totally shallow, also, totally a set up to make one look "shallow," and one look "sincere."

First of all, hot guy, getting married. His great American dream is to have "hair" for his wedding. The other guy, not attractive, totally bald at 22, can't get a girlfriend. Wants hair. Second senario. Totally fake-jobed-everything pagent mom wants her daughter to be Miss USA. Nice, middle-class-church-going looking mom, wearing all-brown, wants her daughter to have a chance at being the hard-working rodeo national rodeo queen.

What I want to know is---these dreams? Superficial, and can you really buy them with money? Can you give the girls looks or talent with someone else's money? And give me a break on the two guys, I know I should feel bad that they don't have hair, but seriously, get a taste at what girls feel everyday when they don't match up to the Victoria Secret Models. Will having implants on their noggin make them happy and loveable? Great American Dream, what about peace, equal rights, a chance for an education or a house all paid for in a nice neighborhood? A car that runs, a computer?

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Pin the Tail on the ...

Okay, so...Midsummer Night's Dream has a character in it named, Nick "Bottom," and he gets turned into an "ass" (Donkey) in the play, and we are reading it in my English 10 class. And Mrs. W, and I thought it would be really funny, was my idea, to have a class party today because it's the last day of term, and if we got a pin the tail on the donkey game, we could tape it up on the white board and label it, "Pin the Tail on Nick Bottom." Okay, that is funny right? The kids thought so too. It's educational right?!?! So----uh, had the kids fascinated, and guess who decided to pay a suprise visit? The prinicpal and the SUPERINTENDENT! Yeah, what are the chances. I introduced myself, and explained the game, and hoped I wasn't showing my-dying-in-shock/embarrassment!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Beach Blues

I have been joking about this song "Beer in Mexico," being my future-husband's theme song, but seriously, I think I'll join him! jk All of my friends lately have been telling me they are going to somewhere tropic, Ms.W, Heidi,Krista. Alas, this is as close as I can get! I long for those shores everyone seems to be going to....Shall we all just be irresponsible, leave our jobs behind and go and drink Koolaid in Mexico? And let the warm sun melt our blues away?

Beer in Mexico

Staring out into the wild blue yonder
So many thoughts to sit and ponder
About life and love and the lack of
And this emptiness in my heart
Too old to be wild and free
Still too young to be over the hill
Should try to grow up but who knows where to start.

So I'll just sit right here and have another beer in Mexico
Do my best to waste another day
Sit right here and have another beer in Mexico
Let the warm air melt these blues away.

Sun comes up and the sun sinks down
And I've seen them both in this tourist town
Up for days in a rage
Just tryin' to search my soul
For all the answers, and the reasons why
I'm at these crossroads in my life
And I really don't know which way to go.

So I'll just sit right here and have another beer in Mexico
Do my best to waste another day
Sit right here and have another beer in Mexico
Let the warm air melt these blues away.

Maybe I'll settle down
Get married or stay single and stay free
Which road I travel is still a mystery to me.

So I'll just sit right here and have another beer in Mexico
Do my best to waste another day
Sit right here and have another beer in Mexico
Let the warm air melt these blues away.

Down in Mexico...

Thursday, March 15, 2007

My Celebrity Look-alikes

After putting several pictures into this fun little game, none of them said I looked like anyone! This one however did! I will totally take the Catherine Zetta Jones look alike. I've always been jealous of her looks!

My cool celebrity look-alike collage from Get one for yourself.

Emo Style

There is a HUGE discrimination against Emos in my school! If you don't know, Emo is short for emotionals, and the kids listen to "hard core punk music," wear a lot of black eyeliner, orange eyeshadow--even the boys, and are commonly confused with Goths, which they are NOT. Anyway, its this huge saga, where the police were brought into our school because of a "war" for the jock hallway between obviously--the jocks and the Emos. Then, boys in my 3A class were making fun of an Emo girl in my class, and she made the counselor call all the boys in the class into his office one-by-one to talk to them about the discrimination that is making my female student feel unsafe in our classroom. They honestly, are just boys, they think the are funny and even flirting? and she sadly, feels like it is an unsafe learning environment. Then, my journalism students want to publish an "opinion" peice in our paper about how Emos, "need to get lives," I don't let them print it of course, and then a few girls print some off and slip them in the paper as "flyers." I got most of them out, but of course, administration finds out about it when some Emo parents call into the school upset. I tell on the girl in my class, but I feel awful! I feel more awful about my journalism student who is going to hate me, than I do about the few students who saw the flyer, but I am also livid about the student! Anway, Emo kids are NOT Gothic, do not worship the devil, just listen to punk music and dress hard-core 80's, i.e. good kids for the most part with identity crises like the rest of the bunch, but they choose to show it in their style. Anway, I asked my students why there was so much prejudice about it and they said, I don't know, they are just "new" and "different" I guess. WOW. Difference? There have been major battles in our country over the difference and our right to be different. What is it about difference that inherently causes discrimination?

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Rock Star Variety

I was brought back down to earth a few days ago when one of my students told me I, "just need to relax," she said "you are stressed all the time." And my co-worker whom I share a homeroom with said if I work through lunch too often its a recepit for burn-out. So how did I unwind? Guitar Hero and pizza with Mrs. M, and Ms. E., during lunch! Not so professional.....well, oh well! It was AWESOME. I am an addict after only one round. Good thing I don't own this game. We hooked it up to ourLCD projector, luckily I was not the one setting it up when the Vice Principal walked in! Ha ha. Anway, yeah, I'm the rock-star-variety of teacher, althoughI didn't go so far as to join our school's Guitar Hero Face-off they had as a fundraiser, but Mrs. M did! Serious guys, its good stress relief! You feel like a rock star strumming that guitar to punk rock and 80's rock. Too bad playing the "real" guitar isn't that easy! Apparently I'm a natural.