Thursday, November 03, 2005

Don't be Praise Grudge

You know how someone can say somthing to you and it impresses upon your memory? And you carry it with you through the years, and that person probably has no idea! Well, a friend of mine once told me, that she does not give out praise very often because her praise was worth something, and it needed to be earned! Well, that has stuck with me through the years, because I believe the exact opposite! And I think she has only complimented me...hmm...don't remmeber. jk LOL. Why grudge someone your praise? Why not share with them how wonderful you think they are? I have since that point, made it even more of a point in my life, to be complimentary to people and praise them. I do not feel like the more I priase the less it is worth. So, I thank her for that paradiem shaping comment! I also attribute most of this attitude to my mother. Mom is not perfect, but one thing she is perfect about, is praising people. If I had ugly hair in a photo, mom could say, "but its red, so it can't ever be ugly!" This skill came in particularly in handy because of the nature of her daughter. Upon my entrance into the honors track/program in sixth grade, on the profile mom put, that I was a "sensetive girl," can you believe it? I cried about that one, yes, yes, I did. Displaying my sensetivity! LOL.

I was reminded of this today because my Adolescent Literature teacher told the whole class, "XXXXXX turned in another great paper," and on the paper she wrote, "you will make a wonderful teacher." Made my day. Those are the types of teachers, that I preform best for.

So, if you think someone is cute today, or like their outfit, or notice their hardwork, or their thoughtfulness, or a great talent they have, don't grudge them a compliment. Make their day!


SJ said...

But how do you know if they are sincere? Friends are like mirrors in giving praise when you really do look cute, and clueing you in when you really do have a big green thing stuck in your teeth.

I wouldn't necessarily begrudge someone a compliment, but give praise where praise is actually do.

Think Simon Cowl. People fear and loathe him, but when he says someone is a good singer we believe him.

SJ said...

Oh ya, you should check out my blog, too

Esperanza said...

You can't be 100% sure if someone is being sincere when they compliment you, but you can make sure your compliments that you give are.

aquamarine said...

Here's my two bits, if it is sincere praise it is do because it is a truth to you, if it for flattery or other such guile stop there.

However, Simon Cowl, people fear and loath him for the reason that he isn't just a praise grudge but out rightly ridicules which I think is just as bad as insincerity.

Scully said...

Did I say that, because it kind of sounds like me? I hate how easily people give out standing ovations, because it cheapens what a standing ovation means. But if someone does something praise-worthy, then by all means, praise them. And contrats on the paper. I think you will be a great teacher.

Panini said...

I'm wondering who you're talking about too...hmmm
Well, being on the receiving end of your praise on a regular basis...I have to say I rather enjoy it. (And yours too SJ.) It's nice to know that you're safe with friends.
That's so nice about your paper. If I had a teacher so kind as that...I'd probably spend increasing hours on every next paper coming as to wow and impress as much as possible. ;) You always were a good writer.

Esperanza said...

None of you are the person who told that comment to me, so you can all breath deep... :) Glad I got some opinions worked up on this one! And don't wonder if I say something wonderful to you sometime soon, and I will, mean it sincerely! jk