Sunday, February 24, 2013

North & South on the Heber Creeper

When you think of The Heber Creeper, you might think, Weekend Out With Thomas the Train, or the Polar Express event, or the murder mystery dinner events. I don't. I think of North & South, the ending romantic, kissing scene. My boyfriend obviously didn't know this when he took me on a romanitc date this weekend, for a train ride on The Heber Creeper. Here was what was running through my head:

It actually was a really fun date. We rode the train approx. 40 minutes each way, listened to music, they had a magician on the train, viewed the beautiful snow-covered Utah mountains, and of course cuddled up. The train is from the 1930's and has not been restored - it's really a fun outing. You feel like you literally are back in time.

Maybe they should market a North & South train event for the ladies of Utah who love good period-dramas. Or maybe not. Maybe you should just tell your man you have a really good idea for a date, or have your man talk to my man.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Do Something That Scares You

Terry Tempest Williams
My friend Cami and I attended a writing workshop with author, Terry Tempest Williams, (Refuge, When Women Were Brids). Her advice to aspiring writers?
"Write something that scares you...Write about the questions that keep you from sleeping at night."

Last week I did. I wrote about the growing problems with teen promiscuity and potential sexual addictions through the use of cell phones and social media. As a high school teacher I see the growing problem and worry about the future. It has kept me up at night. I wrote about it. I shared it. It is on page O6 of The Salt Lake Tribune, Sunday February 10, and can be found here:

My Article in the Salt Lake Tribune, February 10

 I'm proud of myself for writing about something that keeps me up at night. Terry Tempest Williams said stories (writing) becomes soceity's collective concsious, and I believe that it can. I believe change begins with dialogue. I'm adding my voice, and I plan on continuing to add my voice to things I feel passionate about.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

I am a SECRET AGENT (practicing syllogisms)

Which student didn't understand?
All strange people are secret agents.
Ms. Baker is strange.
Ms. Baker is a secret agent.
Secret agents are devious.
Ms. Baker is devious.
Ms. Baker is a secret agent.
Secret agents are adorable.
Ms. Baker is adorable.
Ms. Baker is a secret agent.
Secret agents are cool.
Ms. Baker is cool.
Ms. Baker is a secret agent.
All secret agents are smart.
All English teachers went to Harvard.
Ms. Baker is a secret agent.

Monday, February 04, 2013

A PhotoEssay of My Life

I just celebrated another birthday and maybe am having a tiny early mid-life crisis. I guess having my birthday in January really makes me think not only of new-years, but new-years of my life. I ponder what is it that I have accomplished, and what is it I should be accomplishing. I am one of those people who always needs to be achieving and progressing, for whatever reason, I was born one of those types of people, however sometimes being one of those type of people means I put undue pressure on myself as well.

Yesterday in church someone re-told the story that is always re-told of the little mulberry bush that needed to be cut down by the gardener so it could grow in a new direction and produce fruit. Sometimes I feel just like that.

New &; Little

Big & Blooming!

Wilted & Dying

Chopped & Tossed

Starting Over.

This past month when it was really cold my cute plant that grew twice the size of the photo got frost-bitten in my classroom. She had to be cut back in order to grow again -- poor girl! I almost cried when I cut back all the shriveled pink blossoms and green leaves. Time to re-grow I guess!

Expect a photo exhibiting new, perfect growth (soon) (I hope).