Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Au Revoir!

I'm off to Paris for spring break! Hopefully I will come back in one piece! :D

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Well, it was a romantic idea, anyway. So - I don't know that I ever blogged about the fact I met a fantastic man in Italy last summer, and yes, I did kiss him. (I know! Please judge.) He is 30, speaks 4 languages, has a master's degree in economics, has lived in Italy, Boston, and Bejing. He owns his own tour guide business in Rome and he is very handsome (at least I think so). He has had a lot of contact with Mormons, but is himself a cultural-Catholic.

Anyway, we met last summer in Rome and went out to dinner and then walked around a romantic park that overlooks all of Rome; the Vatican on one side and the Colleseum on the other. We had an instant connection and he was the perfect gentleman. Anyway -I won't labor you with details, or spin myself into fantastic memories, but he invited me to come back to Rome--he has a friend who ownes a hotel and I could stay for free....romanitic huh? This was after he found out I was going to Paris and he wanted to meet me in Paris, tried to work it out but couldn't because of high tourist traffic during that time. Anyway - I know, huh? Who has that happen? A handsome man I met a year ago in Rome has never forgotten me and wanted to meet me in Paris and then invites me to Rome!

Sadly it won't work out for me to ever see him again, and he is not LDS anyway, and ect.,ect., but wow, what a romantic idea!

Rome will forever be the most romantic city in the world for me, and I guess if I die single, at least I had one good, chick-flick romance, right?

Thursday, March 11, 2010

An Attempt at Artistic

A little sister-sister bonding time has resulted in a few artistic attempts. I can't say ceramics is my thing; I am not used to the idea that you only get one take, have no idea what it looks like due to the muted paints, send it to the kiln, and can't un-do what's done. I perfer oils or acrylics where you can layer and layer and layer and re-layer, but we have had a lot of fun at Color Me Mine, and I guess I'm pretty okay with how these turned out. The joke is always if we don't like what we make, they will end up each other's birthday gifts, or Reece and Caitlin's wedding present!

If you have never heard of Color Me Mine, it is a cute little ceramic studio with tall tables and chairs and paints and ceramics galore. You pay a studio sitting fee and then pay the price of your item, so it can get a little bit expensive, but as long as you go on can-food-donation-night or two-for-one date nights (yes they let my sister and I be "dates"), it's not too bad. Anyway, these are my variations on the theme: Serving Bowls.

Monday, March 01, 2010

The Dress I WILL NOT Be Wearing...

to my little brother's wedding. My bridesmaid's dress came in the mail, and I guess I needed a reminder not to take myself too seriously. Please tell me you have had this experience? What you can't see is that the bottom of this dress fits my backside just perfectly. Oh, for a perfect body, huh?

No amount of alteration, to the dress anyway, could make this thing work. It's important to have a sense of humor in life, right? I'm trying to tell myself that very thing right now.