Sunday, September 19, 2010

Welcome My Favorite Time of Year

(The Unitas)

(Stewart Falls)

I may have been up to the mountains three times this week with friends: the Nebo Loop, Alpine Loop, and Provo Canyon. I cannot get enough! Fall comes and goes so quickly, I think that is part of its elusive charm! This is the first year I have ventured around the Nebo Loop and it rivals the other two canyons. I can't believe I worked in its shadow and have never driven around it. I think I need to plan a few more trips before the fall is over. The reds are perfect right now and the yellows are on their way!

Update: I went backpacking last weekend in the Uintas and it was so much fun! I've never backpacked in before and it was work, but not as hard as I thought it would be. I didn't take hardly anything which is part of the trick. We brought in freeze-dried food, water, sleeping bags and that is about it! It was a really fun trip.

Monday, September 13, 2010

My Sugar-daddy

I like butterscotch. Do you like butterscotch? Yes I do, but that is not going to get you my phone number.

Unless you look like George Clooney-- you are not going to be a 50-year-old dating a 30-year-old--correction, unless you are George Clooney.

I went to mid-singles fireside last night, amazing fireside, weird company. True, there were a couple of hundred people at the fireside, but the women were 30 and the men were 50. I’m not kidding; 50 and on the prowl. It’s a sad world. I was helping myself to a serving of ice-cream with butterscotch, and yes, a man tried to use this as a reason to talk to me—the fact that we both like butterscotch on ice-cream. Guess what? Who doesn’t, and it was one of the two toppings available.

Am I being rude? Yes, but please save me from the fate of being in the future a 50-year-old single woman who as to compete for men her age against 30-year-old single women.

I’m not looking for a sugar-daddy – well, at least not yet. Unless he looks like George Clooney, just kidding, not even then.