Thursday, August 28, 2008

Straight Men Don't...

wear these yet.

that my brother says makes me look younger and not like a teacher. (HUH?!) Yeah, he said he didn't mean it that way. (HAha) And I noticed almost all of the guy's jeans in the store had these:

And frankly, I think they look femme. I don't think straight men wear these yet, nor should they, but I have no doubt they will be. The only guy wearing them in the store was gay, and so when I tried to aruge with him (in a friendly manner) about their style-ability, he says I just haven't seen them around enough yet. True. But seriously, they make guys look like they have a girl-rear. I know gay men set a lot of our fashion, but how far is too far. Okay, they aren't as bad as the whole, guys-wearing-actual-girl-jeans thing from a year or so ago, and maybe you could tell me these are not that bad, but I think they are hideous!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Of course it would!

Every junior high and high school student's worst nightmare. School picture day, electrical outlet blows while blow drying my hair, late for school, big zit. Nice. Some things never change. I'm not going to accept my free year book this year, unless I can get retakes!

Friday, August 22, 2008


Friday- Thank goodness for nice people. After a stressful long week, the first week of school,Walmart is totally packed with huge long lines and I finally make it up to the front of the line with my $90.00 worth of groceries and I realized I forgot my wallet on the passanger seat of my car--which I neglected to replace after buying $60.00 worth of gas. Thinking of how annoyed I would be if I was one of the 5 carts behind me loaded down with groceries and children, I dash out to my car, running actually, grab my wallet and run back in, just a few moments after the cashier finished ringing up my groceries. She laughed and smiled, as did the woman with the full cart behind me.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Family Reunion '08

Just got back from my last summer trip before school starts! My family had a mini-reunion in Indiana and Ohio! For those of you who don't know my sister's family just moved back from Germany and now live in Indiana, where my brother in law works at IU. Here are a few fun pics from our trip! We went to Amish country, and played in a few beautiful parks, toured IU, went to Nashville,Indiana, which is a fun little shopping town, and just hung out with the family!

My long-lost relative.

At Indiana University.

Um, dad threatened to disown us! We stopped to have a little fun in the Kroger's parking lot. I love my family! Haha.

The girls at Mama Bear's in Bloomington, Indiana, the #4 best pizza parlor in the USA, according to People's Magazine.

Here is a shot of the whole family.

Reece & I in a playhouse type thing in a park in Columbus, Ohio, acting like frogs, apparently.

Monday, August 04, 2008

This one is for the girls!

So, the new Ensign article on single people talks about having good friends to help you cope with being single forever. And I think that is so true. I love all of my good girl friends that I have had forever, and recently as well. I am so grateful for the listening ears and the good times that keep me from being lonely. If I can't be married yet, at least I have all of my wonderful girl friends, including all of you!

Here are a few recent pics with friends.

Cruise to Mexico

Les Miserables, The Tuachan Theatre

Strawberry Days Rodeo

Panini and I at a wedding reception