Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Remind Yourself You Are SINGLE

Love the line from While You Were Sleeping: "Do yourself a favor and remind yourself you are single and just end the conversation!" So -- I am going to give you married people some advice. Remind yourself you are married and feel blessed today - despite the money issues and the diapers and carpets that just got spit up on. Remind yourself you are married and enjoy it.

Why do I feel like passing on that bit of advice? D-T-R. Remember those? How about premature DTRS from crazy boys who should realize that dating me would basically change their world forever? :D Okay, toning down the sarcasm. But really, seriously, I know being married is not easier than being single - you are right - it is probably harder, but think for me, just think, just go down memory lane and remember for me the feeling of D.T.R.

On a lighter note, I just hiked Angel's Landing last weekend in Zions and it was so scarey and I made it! And I am proud of myself, and if I can climb that high, scary mountain - I can handle anything a boy or two can throw my way, right? Right.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Teachers Make a Difference

Graduation this year was bittersweet. My first set of kids that I have seen all through their high school career - that were sophomores the first year I taught and then I taught again as juniors and a few that I have taught as seniors graduated last week. I will miss those kids. They were the ones excited about me when I was their brand new teacher and were still the nicest kids to me in the hallways this past year. I think I went through a little withdrawl the last week of school when they were not there!

Anyway - on their exit survey 5 seniors said I was the teacher that had made the biggest difference in their lives. This is what they said (anonomously):

"I had her English class she pushed me on my essays and perfected them. She believed I had a lot of potential. I wrote the best essays ever, learned a lot."

"For teaching me that even though it may be hard, honesty is always best."

"Had been both a great teacher and a great friend."

"She always pushed me to become my best in a positive way. She helped me learn how to express myself through words. She is a great teacher."

"Was a great teacher and friend I loved being around her, she's great."

Five might be a small number of lives to change, but I really was touched by these comments--it was a rewarding moment for me as a teacher!