Thursday, August 13, 2009

It's About Time

I love the church's old ad spots from the 80's where "it's about time."

I have been thinking a lot about the languages of love lately because of an article I read about the challenges in the various stages of marriage. The author said one challenge that occurs in the newly wed stage of marriage is figuring out how to love one another. He said it is typical human nature to love someone the way you want to be loved, and not necessarily the way they need to be loved. The challenge then is to find out the way your spouse needs to be loved and love them accordingly - which he said in turn is cyclical and will lead to you being loved the way you need to be loved in return.

I have been experimenting with a few different guys and trying to find out what works. I tried to identify the way they treated me - to see if that is the way then that they want to be treated. It has been interesting and I have a few stories.

But what I really have been doing I think is identifying the ways I need to be loved and I have figured out I am a verbal, but also, a "time" person. I have spend a lot of time with different people this summer and recently with my family, and I think that just spending time with someone/people I care about is what makes me feel loved and what makes me love them more. I don't necessarily need gifts or to have people do service for me, but when someone spends time with me, listens to me, and we enjoy ourselves even doing "nothing" together that is really fulfilling for me. And I think that although we all have our different love languages, gifts, praise, service, touch, ect., I think spending time with one another is so important if at all possible. It does seem to be, at least for me, about time.

On an ending note, one of my favorite songs from Keith Urban has this line in it: "I'll earn your trust by making memories of us." Romantic right?