Sunday, November 23, 2008

Just a little crush.

"This is Bridget Jones...with kind of a little crush now, actually." :D

Goal Accomplished!

Okay, okay, we are not supposed to be talking about goals until January! But, seeing how January is not too far away---I am trying to tick a few more things off of my 2008 list. Now, this one I did a while ago, but have not yet posted pictures. On my list of things to do this last year, and the year before that, was to hike Mt. Timp in Provo! This is a long, all-day hike, that frankly, I have been scared of for a very long time. This year I set a date, found a crew, and hiked it on the said date, even though it snowed! This made is all the more challening, and all the more fun, well, if you ask me anyway--. :D Because of the snow we only made it to the top of the saddle, about 1 mile or so from the top of the mountain.

Here's to finishing up 2008 with a bang! Get a few more memories in this year! :D

Friday, November 14, 2008

My Comfort-Everythings

Sometimes when I have a gray day or gray week, (of which this has been one) my mind retreats into memory and imagination. I long for all of the things that give me comfort. Here's my list of things I long for this week:

Fuzzy Slippers
Carey Grant Movies
Flannel Backed-Quilts
PJ Pants
Hot Chocholate
A Fireplace/Fire
Love Stories
Good Conversation
Warm Sunshine
Everything Done!
My Favorite Song on the radio
Nothing to do.
Coats, Hats, & Mittens
The Smell of Fresh Cut Grass
Shopping Trips
Anthropologie and the Pottterybarn
Frank Sinatra

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

HSM3--That's Right, I saw it.

It's this generation's Grease, and Footloose, and Clueless; the high school movie that informs all high schoolers what their life should be like. There are slutty girls, show-hogs, nice girls, dorky-guys, hot-guys, and ballers. I'm just glad this one is relatively clean. You've got to hand it to Disney! They made a lot of money on this film-trio, and will continue to.

I saw the first HSM just six months ago, never saw the second one, and only skeptically paid $8 (I know, I know!) just last weekend to see HSM3. And I admit it--I enjoyed it. You just can't help it, at least I couldn't. The music is good, the male lead is embarrasingly attractive (at least he is 21!) and you get swept away--at least with laughter at the silly situation of sitting in a theater with only 5 guys in it, and the rest girls--giggle when Zac Effron come on the set. All I have to say is, I know it is cheezy--but if it has to be this generation's high school hit--atleast it is clean!

Over-the-top moment: The end where at graduation they all sing how they wish the rest of their lives will be like a high school musical...lame.

Best-music-moment: Zac Effron and Corbin Bleu singing "The Boys are Back."

Most-redemptive-moment: When the scholarships actually go to the people that deserve it.

Overall impression: I am far enough removed from my own high school experience that I wasn't offended or sensetive about any of the "hits-home" moments, and I am close enough to high school everyday, that I was absurdly touched by moments like this: Once a wildcat, always a wildcat, and I could hear my students say: Once a lion, always a lion.

Recommendation: even if you don't want to pay $8, Netflix it at least, it is some good-clean-fun!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election Response

Although I did not vote for Barak Obama, and am not super excited at the prospect of him as our president--I teared up tonight as he won the presidency. I agree that it is huge for our country to have an African American president; and as the CNN Republican commentator said, only the worst of us would deny that this has some historic significance.

John McCain gave a very gracious speech tonight, even though he lost--I was quite impressed with that as well--although a little bit long.

It will be interesting and possibly a little scary to see a House and Senate and President all Democrat...but nevertheless I am proud of our country being ready to to vote for an African American.

Interestinly, according to all of the exit polls, it was not really a race issue, or atleast that is what they are saying--he won across the board, the young, the single women, the ethnic voters, and even a large portion of the men.

Interestinly as well, McCain didn't lose too awfully bad in the popular vote, which supports again (at least for me) my opinion that we need to get rid of the electoral college.

And, do you think gas prices have been going down during the election for political reasons? Just a thought that has crossed my mind--.

Monday, November 03, 2008

To Save the World or Not...

Teachers are what is know as "exempt" employees which means employers can ask as much as they want of you and not pay you extra for it. Usually they do try to compensate, but often they do not.

I currently teach 11th grade American Lit, 10th grade "regular" English, and journalsim where it is a circus as I attempt to corral 13 students into publishing a monthly newspaper. I am also the school's PR person, which means I am responsible with spamming the community with the wonderful-ness of our high school!

Today they came to me and asked me if I would work for $25 dollars a night teaching night school, to our less-than-desirable-bunch that there is not room for in the alternative school.

I have until tommorrow to give them my final answer.