Sunday, July 10, 2011

My New Home

For the next two weeks anyway, while I am at a journalism conference! Pretty nice room to have all to myself for two weeks! Maybe lonely?

I was accepted to a two-week institute of which I am an official "fellow." It's all expense paid - flight and all, so it was a pretty neat opporutinity I couldn't pass up!

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places....haha

I want to meet my husband the traditional way...but after a couple of not exciting break-ups and caving into pressure I have decided to try online dating as well, just as an experiment, to meet new men. Well, let's just say - I'm amazed at what grown men will say to women they have never met! Here is just a sample of my favorite; all in the name of keeping a sense of humor! haha

"For what it's worth, you do seem like a pretty amazing girl and I'm not sure why you had to resort to online dating."

"I think we should just get married, that way I won't have to send you cheesy messages on this thing."

"I was looking through all these ads online thinking to myself 'Look at all the poor, desperate, lonely women...' and then I saw your ad and thought to myself 'Hey, here's a poor, desperate, lonely woman that's actually CUTE...' Haha..."

"So I was sitting on Santa's lap at the mall yesterday and I said, Santa, there is this girl on Plenty of Wackos, she is amazingly pretty. I can't get her attention, so just warning you if you get picked up by a big guy in red and thrown in his bag, don't worry it's santa!

I was also hit on by a polygomist...not okay with me.

...anyway...laugh with me. :)