Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Every Pine Tree in the State of Washington

As a kid I complained to my father that I had surely seen every single pine tree in the state of Washington. (Did we really need to take a family trip to see another????!)

Karma. I have turned into my parents. And so has my husband. Well, he has turned into his parents, not mine, but the way the vacation -- they might as well be.

We share a love of seeing pine trees. Pine trees and mountains and lakes and hills and vistas and overlooks and waterfalls and water-trickles, and streams and rivers and moose and deer and squirrels.

I love that we both enjoy nature and sharing it together. So what if we have turned into our parents. They are good people to have turned into. Thanks parents, for the love of nature we have inherited.

Granby Ranch, Colorado

Bear Lake, Utah

Rocky Mountain National Park, CO
We recently spent the week with P's family in the Rocky Mountain National Park, loved it.

Alpine Falls, Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park



Big Horn Sheep

I can't wait until we have kids who will say, "Mom & we HAVE to go to the mountains, AGAIN?"