Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I'm Secretly Scared of...

So, I am secretly a little scared of babies. I think they are cute. I do want some...eventually. But I am secretly a little scared of them. Or maybe the getting there process. Maybe I've been scarred by too many delivery stories of desperate pain.

We have had three new little babies born in our extended families over the last week.  In just one week: my older sister had her sixth baby, my brother's wife had her first baby, and P's older brother's wife had her fourth.

After visiting one baby, who is local, and talking to the other new parents on the phone - I woke up crying the next morning. I'm sooo excited for everyone's babies - but it made me scared! I will be a mom someday (no I'm not pregnant), but it just made it all a little more real.

Congrats to all new moms and dads! Thanks for your example----I will need lots of advice and help and fear-therapy if I ever get pregnant.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Pictures on the Train

We had another fun, romantic date on the Heber Creeper. I love the train. My husband knows this. My husband is wonderful for the thoughtful train date. We got these fun pics.
Kind of a cool shot of the inside of the old, historic train.

It's true that we were the only child-less couple on the train.

P took this one - I can't take credit. Beautiful huh?

Monday, October 07, 2013

My Review of Monument Road by Charlie Quimby

"The Lure of Cold Shivers Point" Is my first  published book review. This novel, Monument Road, by Charlie Quimby does not publish until November 2013, so it's a pre-view - review. The review was published by 15bytes a Utah art magazine.

I'm proud of myself for trying my hand at something new! I have published in The Salt Lake Tribune, The Ogden Standard Examiner, City Weekly, The Daily Herald, BYU Magazine, Seeing the Everyday, The Payson Chronicle, Brushfire and The Kolob Canyon Review, but this is my first artsy-article.