Friday, February 27, 2009

Why are hats disrespectful?

Why are hats in school considered disrespectful? I'm on my lunch break right now at a teacher conference and we just read a student's persuasive essay on why hats should be allowed in school. The student argues that no one can really tell you why hats are considered disrespectful and it got me thinking. Why are they? We got in a *lively* discussion at my table about the issue. I don't think anyone can really say why hats are disrespectful other than that *they just are* -- I think it comes down to cultural tradition in our country. Isn't it just tradition that tells us we should take our hats off in front of authority figures? Is there really a reason why? I understand that we should have our hats off in churches and schools ect., because that connotes respect in our country, but again--why? What is it about an uncovered head that shows respect? I think it might just be tradition. Please tell me why though if you have a good argument. I would really like to know.

*NOTE* I would say that if the hat is a relgious or military hat of sorts it shows disrespect if it is worn improperly.

I teach high school obviously, and I accidentally don't notice when my students wear hats in my classroom. I honestly don't notice. I have other teachers tell my students to take their hats off when my class is in the library and I have a moment of embarrassment because I honestly don't see it--. I have talked to a few younger teachers at the school and they feel the same way. Possibly it is a generational thing? The three well-seasoned teachers at my table today are from my parents' generation and one is an x-Marine. They all have problems with kids wearing hats--I really don't. (I didn't tell them that...we were just talking about why it is or isn't disrespectful). But please, help me understand why a hat itself is disrespectful, I need to be enlightened!

I think if we could tell the students *WHY* it is disrespectful they would better understand the rule. This being said I do understand that my role as a teacher is to enforce school hat policies.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Winter Camping!

It wouldn't be me if I didn't put one nice shot with the post.

Just threw this one in to keep it real! :D

These guys look kinda sinister. I don't know if I got a close up but several of the drawings of the feet in these petroglyphs had six toes....

Beause I know you are dying to know how single women spend Valentine's Day--. I spent it in Moab. I went winter camping, yes, winter camping. We had a winter tent and winter sleeping bags and I slept. No one else did, but I slept. We saw eagles, ravens, deer, I almost ran over a rabbit, cows, heard mountain lions, and everyone but me stayed up all night listening to coyotes. The most exciting part of the trip for me was that we survived! And I got to see some petroglyphs! I have always been fascinated with Native American stuff, don't ask me why--maybe it is because that was all the history we had to learn about in WA State history, but you have to admit, these are cool! The ones on the large rock are from AD 1300 ish and the the one that looks like a herd of mountain sheep or something are from the 1600-1800s.

Here is the Delicate Arch picture for Missy! :D

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Purely Text-Relationships

Pep-Peeve from an eye-witness:

I know it was kind of funny when I saw a blurb from Sex and the City where Keri gets broken up with on a post-it note, and laughed when I saw a pre-view for He's Just Not That Into You, when Drew Barrymore says she is being rejected now by multiple technologies: text, MySpace, facebook, ect., and I admit to loving the movie You've Got Mail, but seriously, there is a problem developing America.

Students are having relationship almost solely on text-messaging. I have students who get to know a guy and decide that they are going to be exclusive soley over text messages and facebook e-mails. They are conducting the important hook-up, break-up, and make-up conversations non-verbally. Why? Because it eliminates the awakwardness of face-to-face or even voice-to-voice communication.

I know they are trying to "save minutes" when they stay up until 4 a.m. texting instead of talking on the phone, but wait, isn't there ususally free minutes after 9 pm?

They say they are not supposed to be talking to boys/girls that late at night so texting all night is incognito, but wait, should they really be talking to boys/girls that late at night? No, and not just sleep suffers on that one people.

And needless to say as a teacher, I don't think it is appropriate (and not just for academic purposes) that students should be texting each other class to class and school to school all-day-long. Separation anxiety people?

I am just waiting for the day when they get into real relationships, like let's say, marriage relationships, and they cannot communicate at all. I'm afriad the following just might happen:

And when it does, be very, very afraid.

Monday, February 09, 2009

A letter to the younger me upon turning.....

1- Just let him kiss you; it won't hurt.
2- You will be single for a very long time--enjoy it.
3- The sooner you discover that you need eyebrows the better.
4- You will become an English teacher, go back to school the first time you get the inspiration to.
5- The temple is one of your best friends.
6- Nurture relationships between yourself and your brother and sisters and girlfriends--they will continue to be a great strength to you.
7- Dad is always right, it's just a fact.
8- Don't ever cut your hair any shorter than 2 inches below your shoulders.
9- You don't need that many shoes.
10- Travel. You have the time and the money and you love it.
11- Don't let anyone tell you you can't; you can.
12- Get into the habit of making your bed.
13- Happiness is a choice.
14- He's not worth worrying over too much for too long.
15- One day you will like mom's cornflake potatoes.
16- Talk to PR at the party you will him at--he is hot.
17- Have BK sign your senior yearbook.
18- Don't get your ears double pierced.
19- Learn to take criticism gracefully.
20- You are not perfect--and that is okay.