Friday, November 04, 2005

Friday Edition: Defunct Myths

Top Ten Defunct Myths from my Childhood:
(obviously pulled from different stages of my childhood)

1. Santa Claus is real.
2. Ralph Machio (The Karate Kid), is the hottest man on earth.
3. Its okay to wear red cordory pants under your Polyflinder dresses, in public.
4. All men have a full head of hair, lots of muscles, and can fix everything like my father.
5. All cats are girls, all dogs are boys.
6. If I eat sand, water, and a seed, I will grow a flower inside of me.
7. The worst possible embarassment is to be caught wearing a bra.
8. On the other hand, if you don't wear a bra, your chest will grow in all sorts of strange directions.
9. The 2nd worst possible thing on earth, is having the guy I like, know I like him.
10. I need to repent after singing, "believe it or not I'm walking on air" because obviously I cannot; and I am lying.

Weekly Words of Wisdom:

~Wear modest work out clothes; because you might just run into your English Proffessor at the gym, and you don't want him thinking about you in a sports bra next class period!


Anonymous said...
I know what I like and I like it, have a laugh on me.

SJ said...

Oh, that one left me howling. Girlfriend!

aquamarine said...

*wipes a tear from eye*....I will probably chuckle about this the whole weekend. Good tip about the workout wear...never know who is you'll run into!

Panini said...

Oh my gosh esperenza! That was so great! The two I can really relate with are the bra one and the boy one. I thought it was the worst thing in the world for the boy I liked to know I liked him. How did we come into that? Could that have anything to do with why we're still single? "Stay away but I can't stop giggling and secretly I hope you'll come up and make me admit I love you."

Sherpa said...

I remember number two well. Oh Ralph...You were fine.