Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Honeymoon Period

for teaching is over. But I still love it, and have determined if I were to need to do this for the rest of my life I absolutely could, and I would enjoy it. Here are the reasons I still love teaching after three years:

1- I pray to.

2- I have learned to be determined to enjoy it. Happiness in one's situation is often a choice.

3- I have leanred that when things seem the hardest, that is when you put in more effort and you are promptly rewarded. Things you put a lot of work into are rewarding.

4- Do the little fun things that seem like an annoyance, but make your job interesting. I say yes to crazy spirit assemblies, to judging the FFA, to writing recommendations and seeing school plays. These are the memorable things that make for quirky memories and halarious experiences.

5- I enjoy the kids, I really, really do.

6- Find joy in the little successes; when an F student becomes a D- student, when a "bad kid" loves your class and adds back into it. When you are that crazy student's favorite teacher, when you have the opportunity to show a little compassion by listening, and you do it.

7-Play as hard as you work.

These are the reasons I love teaching, even now that the gloss and glitter has worn off. What is underneath is a little more tattered, but a lot more loved.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

The Winter Blues

Anyone other than me have them yet? No motivation. No desire to go to work, or be productive in general. I am doing all my New Year's Resolutions, hence I am missing yummy food and I want chocholate every single minute and am already tired of making my bed everyday before I go to work! I'm tired of the grind, and we have too-much-snow. The daily grind feels like a grind. Did I mention we have too much snow? It's cold! Okay, that's my rant for the day. "The sun will come up...tomorrow....bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow...there will be sun." Pooh. Can I go back to my lovely vacation? Maybe two weeks off is a little too long because it throws off my grove. Oh, well, vacation is always worth it! Well, back to grading papers.

Monday, January 05, 2009


So, my mom's fallback is always--"Well, you can teach!" whenever I ruin a pie or mess up a sewing project or the like. I ruin something, or don't follow the directions properly, and I say, "I can't cook!" And that is where she supplies the "But you can teach!" And well, I don't think that is necessarily a consolation. I want to be able to follow directions, but something inside of me just messes up every time! Well I always vow not to try to make another home-making-project or try a receipe. Alas, I fail at my resolution to not try again. I want to be able to make cool things I see other people make or I see in magazines. I have the itch to make something cool, so this Christmas I attempted to make a Christmas Tree Skirt! I think it looks pretty cute, but you are seeing the super re-done-by-mom version. And when I say super-re-done-by-mom-version, I MEAN IT. I should probably just say my mom made it, with a few cutting and a few need-to-use-the-seam-ripper inserts by me.