Monday, June 19, 2006

Organizing Principles

According to Linda Hutcheon, one of the definable tenets of postmodernism is the preoccupation with breaking down grand narratives, or the attempt to “denaturalize some of the dominant features of our way of life; to point out that those entities that we unthinkingly experience as ‘natural’ are in fact ‘cultural’; made by us, not given to us.” No virtue, institution or entity is considered beyond the limits of examination. Postmodern thinkers seek to reorient our attitudes toward, among other things, religion, race, gender, and sexuality. I'm not saying this is not in some regards positive, esp. where race and racisim is concerned, I just believe there is probably a limit to how much we examine and dissect things. I think there can be a real danger in that.

Many contemporary theorists/writers promote the need for connection, community, and organzing prinicples to promote the human cause, and for positive change. The flaw I see is, after years of breaking down ideas on virtues ect., what do they expect people to organize under? How can they not expect people to be cynical and un-organizable? David Foster Wallace says one of the effects of postmodernism is, "some deep and serious changes in how Americans chose to view concepts like authority, sincerity, and passion in terms of our willingness to be pleased.” He says ridicule has become our #1 mode of communication and art-form, and that people are paranoid at expressing values that may be seen as passe.

I just think its ironic they want people to organize under principles, and yet they say there are no core truths or definable principles.

I'm glad as church members we have truths we believe are definitive and unchanging, and they are our organizing principles to guide our life and our dealings with other people.

As an interesting side note, CNN was interviewing a "liberal" Catholic priest who's opinion on the Da Vinici Code was that it was at least making people start asking questions about religion, even drawing people to the Catholic church, oddly. He says people in this world are looking for a resugence of a reason to bleive in religion, and to have something to be passionate about.

Do you think our generation is getting tired of all of this tearing down and debunking of the things society holds dear?

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I Just Have to Share...

I just have to share that the fantasy boyfriend that lives across the street from me, that I met 3 years ago, very embarrasingly, and have had a series of unfortunant events with, and whom was the subject of my blog, of the guy who stared at me but didn't smile a month or so ago...well, he came up and talked to me on Sunday. Cool. Very cool. And so very, very, very hot. You'd have to see it to believe how fully hot he is, but he is. Scully knows, she's seen him.

Also, been away for a while because, well, stress. I work now at a Seagull Book, while taking 6 hours of Spring/Summer literature classes, one from BYU, one from UVSC, they just called me to be the gospel doctrine teacher in my ward, and just the emotional stress of Heidi' dad dying, and my roomate needing support with her relationship with this cute boy, and you know. Stress.

Life is good though, life is good.

The Sevens

Walking tagged me (a long time ago!) for this one! :

7 things I want to do before I die:
1- get married
2- have kids, (at least 4)
3- see the terra chotta soilders in China, and other sites like the great wall of China, the pyramids in Egypt and ruins in South America.
4- run a 1/2 marathon
5- maybe write a book, (non-fiction)
6- own a black pick-up truck and a house with a white pickett fence.
7- be a scriptorian

7 things I can not do: (too many to list!)
1- play volleyball, pingpong and various other sports
2- not be an idealist
3- stop wearing mascara/makeup
4- understand statistics and geometry
5- stop eating chocolate
6- I cannot sit still very long

7 things that attracted me to my spouse: (don't have one, but here is my top 7 list anyway!)
1- testimony
2- attends temple
3- sense of humor/optimism
4- taller than me
5- intelligent enough to converse on any topic and/or has oppinions of his own
6- handsome
7- loves me

7 things I often say:
1- P.S.
2- Apparently,
3- Herein lies the problem,
4- a boyfriend/crush is your "lover"
5- Shoosh, (good substitute for sh**).
6- He/She/You/It is so "Darling!"
7- I now have a list of over a billion, for "the hottest guy on the whole entire earth!"

7 books I love:
1- Middle Passage
2- Mara Daughter of the Nile
3- Jane Eyre
4- Possession
5- The House of Mirth
6- The Bonesetter's Daughter
7- The B.O.M.

7 movies I could watch over and over:
1- Briget Jones' Diary (edited)
2- The Best Two Years
3- While You Were Sleeping
4- Pride and Prejudice (all versions)
5- The Importance of Being Earnest
6- Blackbeard's Ghost
7- Glory (edited)