Saturday, January 27, 2007

Second Chances

Sometimes life gives us second chances. And I have recently had one. ...I had a professor at BYU who wanted to help me publish a paper I had written for her class on free speech and the budding future of the Internet in China, (yes, this was a while ago), and I was too nervous, strangely, to have her help me with it although she offered more than once to get it published. So this last semester at UVSC the assistant head of the English department, also my prof. wanted to help me publish/conference presentation with a paper I wrote in her class on Franz Kafka's The Metamorphosis, applying the work of Michel Foucault's Madness and Civilizaiton and Deleuze and Guattari's Toward a Minor Literature. This time I wasn't dumb, and was a little more confident, and now my paper is going to be presented, at the Utah Conference of Undergraduate Research up at the University of Utah, on Feb. 2nd, and I'm excited and nervous. Oddly, I'm wondering first of all, what should I wear? LOL.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Good Thing I've Got Geico!

Okay, so things get worse? better? strange? I got hit on the way to work this morning, by a laborer in a big truck pulling a trailor. Good thing it was his fault and not mine. So, I was standing outside in like 0 degrees or less weather waiting for the cops for like forever, and am likely to die of hypothermia! LOL. School was good today though, so no complaints there. I did however have a really cute, unexpected visitor, the guy at my school, the single one I wrote about, he lives about a mile from me it turns out, and so he saw me out there, and like a true gentleman stopped and asked if I was okay, needed any help, needed a ride to work ect., I was fine, but what a man. Good guy. So, I went to school and he had checked in my room with my partner teacher Michelle to see how I was. I wasn't there yet obviously I didn't get to school until much later. I ran into him a while later and thanked him for being a gentleman or what not, smiled prettily, all good. Anyway---so all would be good except, Michelle admittedly says she has diarhrea of the mouth syndrome, and at lunch, ((((so embarrassing))) says to everyone, "who is the car hero?" and that was my que to run out of the room, since I was already on my way out, and he was like, I'm not a hero, I didn't really help....and that was all I heard. But way to make him and everyone else think that I was making a way bigger deal out of it than it was.....I am soooo mortified, but not wanting to cause a scene I didn't say anything about it when I went back into the lunch room, and also said nothing to Michelle about it, like "WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?" So. Now I am embarrassed. Really embarrassed. Everyone is going to think something is going on, or that I like him or something! Dang it!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Enemy #1

How do you not make enemies at school? Okay, so this girl is not an enemy per say, but she is acting totally weird towards me, won't talk to me, and I and my teaching partner Michelle have totally thrown off the dynamics of the "young people" table in the faculty room! This girl is another younger-than-me English teacher who likes the one-single-male-at-the-school, history teacher, who looks at me a bit. Okay, he is like 5'5" tall, and so--too short for me. But she, about his same height, is acting all like territorial about him, and kind of fending me off it that makes sense??? ANyway, gosh, I'm not trying to make a move on her man, who I am sure beyond sure that he has no-interest-in-whatsoever, and why does she apparently? need to see me as competition even though I am way taller than him, like3 inches and then my 2 1/2 extra with heels? Anyway. Whew. This is not Jr. HIgh okay? It's high school, and were are above that now! Jk. Ideas girls?

Friday, January 12, 2007

The Zookeeper

The Zookeeper. Yep, that is what you can call me! I got my Payson High "faculty" T-shirt and it is forrest ranger green with with a tan lion on it. My friend Michelle and I were trying them on in the bathroom and we were both wearing kakhi pants, and yep, we look like zookeepers! And the kids, well....teaching at Payson will be like working at a zoo. *Crack* Got my whip ready!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Happy New Year! 2007

I have exchanged my orange poppies for pink Chinese Cherry Blossoms, put away my Christmas albums, taken down the mistletoe, exchanged my Old Testament teaching manual for a New Testament teaching manual, and taped to the front of my closet doors: "17 thoughts that will make you thin." Happy New Year everyone! May your preparations and planning make this year a memorable one!

As for me, I might be spotty on the blog, I am starting a new job at Payson High School next week! The English education of almost all of Payson's 16 year olds will be in my hands....Yikes.