Monday, July 28, 2008

My Alien Encounters

My childhood world was populated by knights and princesses; cowboys and indians, even talking animals; not anywhere was there, not even once, an alien, or a spaceship, or an astronaut of any kind. Maybe it is because my dad wasn't into that kind of thing, and my only brother was 8 years younger than me, and was not into that either. So while I can be scared of mass-murders, non-alien-fantasy monsters, evil princes, ROUS even, I can't be scared by aliens. My suspension of disbelief cannot be breached with aliens! They just don't scare me because to me they just cannot exist on this earth.

This being said, Scully (wonderful friend!) invited me to have some fun with her and some friends this Pioneer weekend for an X-Files marathon, pre-the new movie. And much to my suprise I enjoyed myself! I don't think I will ever be a huge fan (primarily because of the alien thing), but the plots are intriguing, and D.D. is a very good-looking man. So, will I ever be scared, fasinated or intirigued by aliens? No, but I can enjoy some good entertainment. The second movie was good, I thought, but my lack of X-Files experience doesn't make me a good judge.

And I am going to try reading Stephanie Meyer's The Host, which consequently is about aliens, and try one more time to see if I can have suspension of disbelief.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Yes, I'm in the Ensign

Yes, I am in this month's Ensign Magazine. I have been getting lots of e-mails, love you guys! I am in the Ensign this month, in the article about the perpetually single! :D LOL. I have a friend who works for the Ensign and she edited that article and said it made her think of me so she gathered me with other of {her} friends for the photo. Yes, it is a staged photo! :D

I haven't seen the article or photo yet, so I don't yet know whether I need to be put in witness protection, but I have it on good word from my family that I don't need to have them disown me for my good looks; I warned them if I looked like a dog they are ordered to say "That is not Esperanza, wow that strangely looks like my sister/daughter, but it's not her! :D

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Camping at Mt. Rainier!

I was able to go home for a few weeks and we went camping, yeah! We camped at Chinook Pass a few miles below the backside of Mt. Rainier and went hiking on the mountain, and hiked through the Grove of the Patriarchs and wore tye-dye t-shirts, (not mine) and ate yummy food and kept all the neighboring campers up with sounds of the guitar from my brother and lots of laughing coming from my sister and I's tent. I love camping! Tons of misquitos, swimming in glacier lakes, ect., Nice. Here is a few funny pics!

Monday, July 14, 2008

The Fade

Disclaimer: I have been 1200 miles away from my social life for three weeks now, and am not then obviously dating anyone here in the motherland so this is not about me.

I have watched and am currently watching friends get in and out of relationships and have had a few myself. And what I want to know is, what is worse--the pre-mature DTR or the FADE? They can be equally debilitating I am sure, and each situation has it's call for one or the other, although personally I try to avoid both either doing either or having either done to me, although in single life I suppose it is inescapable. I can't make a blanket statement as to which one is better than the other, although I would have to say "the fade," is much worse in my eys than a little open communication. I think guys are crazy to think girls don't know when they are being phased-out, but guys and girls both can feel equally slighted when they are not given a long enough chance to be-gotten-to-know, if you will. Again, I'm not referring to anything or anyone in particular, but sometimes I wonder if a little open communication wouldn't just change the world? So Fade or pre-mature DTR? You decide.

(P.S. For those of you who have read/seen Wives and Daughters, if those crazy people just had a little open communication in their relationships, a lot of people would have been a lot happier, a lot sooner!)

Friday, July 11, 2008

Don't Hate Me Because I'm Beautiful

Maybe I will have to vote for John McCain because of his wife! JK. Well, I do like him better now that I know more about his wife. I just hated her a little because she is beautiful. Tendency to do that as women don't we? Beautiful, and looks quite a bit younger than her husband.

Well, I saw a new special on Cindy McCain on GMA (Good Morning American)I only watch it because my mom does. Haha. Anyway, she runs marathons, runs Operation Smile out of Africa, has three kids of her own I think and adopted one severly birth defected child out of Malasia(?) and raised her kids in AZ while her husband was commuting to DC and back and home only on the weekends. I guess what I am saying is she is a tough broad. Good for her! And they showed a lot of pictures of her from over the years and she had lots of bad hair-dos too! She just still looks beautiful because she is thinner than ever and has had some face work done, but all in all, (and maybe I am just being indoctrinated by the news media) she is more than just a perfectly coiffered, formidable woman!

Sure she was born an heiress and seduced John McCain when he was only separated I think from his first wife and she is 15-ish years younger than him, but she seems really cool. I wouldn't mind having a laundry list of great accomplishments as well!

Monday, July 07, 2008

Viki's Isn't Going Anywhere.

(I'm home) and I found an old scrapbook (if you can call it that) of my senior year of high school. Wow, some scary pictures in there! Haha. My little sister and I were looking at them and she was like wow, you didn't wear any makeup back then! Well, I did, but not very much, and my bangs were like wow, way too short and well, you know. Mom assured me that I have beoome much more lovely now that I am older, and I was so cute back then, it was just the styles! Why we wore clothes that made us look like men I don't know. Why I had those ugly bangs, I don't know! But wow, you just have to laugh and not let yourself have that little moment of crazy and totally not normal or necessary fear that someday you will show pictures of yourself to your future husband or kids and they will be like whoa, girl, seriously, what were you thinking wearing that? My mom said we were all so cute then as we are now, styles have just changes. Well, all I have to say is there are a few things that are not ever leaving me, that are improvements I will not ever retract. Victoria Secret and eyebrow pencils and eyeliner, and foundation, ect.,ect.,ect,. Maybe those things help me look a little more than I really am, but I don't care! And just to prove I am a more self-assured adult than I sometimes feel like I am, I am going to post one of these photos (if I can figure out how) on my blog! So we can say, ah, those days! Look how (cute) we were! Ha ha.

Okay, here is a photo of a few of us at my friend's house right before Sweethearts (?)