Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Crafty Wood Cutouts...I've been crafting.

A lady in my ward told me about the cute Crafty Wood Cutouts Store in Orem and I've been crafting! The J-O-Y we did in Relief Society a Christmas or so ago, and then at Christmas time I make the Give Thanks; for my birthday P gave me the wonderful P&K that I just barely got around to making - and then I just made this cute watermelon for my summer - shelf decorating. Who knew modge podge and paint could be so cute and fun?!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Wheeling Around Yosemite

So - instead of cancelling our vacation due to bed rest my wonderful husband still let us go and stubbornly pushed me around Yosemite in a wheelchair. It was a steep ride up to Vernal Falls in a wheelchair and I had to get out and walk the last little steep stretch. People were looking at me with sympathy - or more so my husband because of the tough job of pushing me up - but I could tell no one knew why I was in that wheelchair. One little kid spotted it though (bless his heart!) He said, "Oh, your pregnant! My mom's pregnant!" Love that kid.

We did go on to Sequoia National Park and to San Francisco and I "shuffled" about and saw the sights. We were slow-and-go, but it was a great trip!


Saturday, March 29, 2014

I Made the Baby a Blankie

So - having been on baby bed rest for quite a while now - and finally knowing the gender of our little one - a boy - I decided to make a baby blanket. This is the first thing I have sewed for a very, very long time (my mother will assert that it is not my talent) but I think it looks pretty cute!