Thursday, September 17, 2009

This is what makes it all worth it.

A former student came to visit me today after a month of USU. He was a student in my journalism class for two years, and during that time I saw him grow, change, improve in writing skills, as well as step up and become the student body president, play three sports, and lead in the school musical all the while his parents went through a painful divorce; good kid. He came into the faculty room to tell me that he(as a freshman) is a staff writer for the student newspaper at USU which is quite an acoomplishment! He was given the sports beat, and it doing a great job! He covered the Lodi bike race last weekend and has a 1200 word article online as well as in the newspaper. He came to my room during 4th to give me the link so I can read all of his articles online!

These are the moments teachers teach for. Not that he wouldn't have blossomed in these skills under another hand, but nevertheless it was rewarding for me to mentor this student and then to see him succeed in an area that I helped train him in. Similarly another one of my students is at BYU and she proudly facebook-ed me to tell me she helped the students in her writing class change passive voice to active voice in their writing assignments like I had taught her!

Cool moments.


Katie said...

This is awesome! The students I taught as seniors were in Utah, so there's probably little chance for me to see them post high school for many years. I do have one who facebooks me though, and it means the world to me. It's great to know you've made a difference for kids, especially on the rough days when it feels like you're getting nowhere. Question for you: do you have any "sleepers"? If so, what do you do about them? I'm tired of waking them up, and I've yet to master the art of keeping slackers awake.

The Gurrs said...

Krystal, you're such an amazing teacher! You have such a wonderful way of loving people and helping them be their best selves!

esperanza said...

Thanks Lindsay!

Katie - I don't know that is always a challenge - the best thing I do is just talk loud and keep to the change-activity-every-seven-minutes-rule. :D