Wednesday, November 08, 2006

My Laundry List

Thoughts, questions, events, and haphazards of my current state of being.

1- I successfully taught 36-7th graders how to write introductory paragraphs and body paragraphs, 5-paragraph essay style--and survived to tell about it.

2- How on earth are you supposed to tell if a guy is gay or not?

3- I survived 2 blind dates last week, "Every Member a Matchmaker" is good, but wouldn't it be easier if you went out with guys you had at least seen before?

4- My roomate Michelle moved out leaving Crissy and I with 4 spoons, 2 frying pans, 4 plastic soda pop cups, a couch, a chair, and a t.v. with no VCR or DVD player and that is it. I'm not kidding. Oh, and we have a kitchen table.


6- I'm working on a paper that might, if I am lucky get accepted for a conference presentation. It might not though, so I'm not thinking about that yet.

7- There is a gorgeous man in my class with tatoos ect., who is so cute and I'm trying not to crush on him, because he is not a nice Mormon boy.

8- My friend Krista went to her 10 year class reunion last year and said it was a blast and that suprisingly everyone did talk to each other because everyone has taken so many hits in the last 10 years, the feeling was, hey, we are all in this together, so hey--maybe I should go to mine too.

9- Carrie Underwood should not have won the best female vocalist of the year, at the CMAs on Monday. She is not better than Faith Hill, Sarah Evans, or Martina McBride.

10- Is it just me or did they make a REALLY big deal about the mid-term elections this year? FOX News was hardly indistinguishable from ESPN in their pre-election play by play. I hope you all went out and voted.


Panini said...

That was such a good List Post! loved it!
1-Congratulations about teaching the children--I reviewed that with my kids today too (because apparently, some of them never figured out how to write a REAL thesis)! What HS were you at? Was it fun? Nerve-racking?
2-I don't know. They're so likable.
3-ooh lala! Who was the second?!
4-Why the heck did she move out!?! What's going on? Is she keeping the apartment? Who gets the big room? Please move up here and bring Crissy with you!! There are 3 ER rooms! (or at least 2)
5-wow. insecure man. insecure.insecure.insecure. And SO not your type. But he's obviously waiting for you to say something back like, "I would love to go on a date with you, what should we do?! Want to go make-out in the back of the dollar theatre? Or, want to watch me while I eat?"
6-What's your topic? What conference are you submitting to? You know what would be fun . . . if we applied for the same conference and went together!!
7-enjoy yourself
9-No freaking kidding! What a JOKE! I mean, she's nice, but come-on.
10-Yay for Hillary! Fingers tied for the Senate. But I didn't vote this year. I've never missed it since I've been of age . . . but they sent me a form to complete my registration, and I forgot to mail it back. Then I didn't want to wait in line. Plus, I was actually working or at school all day. Plus, my vote would only cancel out one other vote in UT, which means my vote is almost worthless. And 4 people were running uncontested in my district. poopoo. What's happening to me!

Esperanza said...

LOL. Thanks for the long response. Its an undergraudate conference I am submitting to, and they may not want my paper so...but I thought I would try. Also, seems like there are too many gay guys out there. I wish I could move to where you were, but I can't and Logan sounds soo freakish ;) I will call you and we will talk!

aquamarine said...

Esperanza, I loved this.
1,2, and 4, makes you eligible for a really big fancy gold metal!!!

I haven't figured out number 2 either.

With 5 and 7 give one a push and the other a shove...j/k.

I am keeping my fingers crossed for you with number 6. How exciting!!

Take lots of pictures if fulfilling number 8. I have to admit my curiosity is getting the better of me to "see" how everyone turned out.

8 and 9, my sentiments exactly.

Esperanza said...

LOL. Thanks Walking!

Esperanza said...

Also, to answer your Q's I am writing on Foucault Maddness and Civilization and Kafka's Metamorphosis for the Utah Conference of Undergraduate Research. Also, maybe tattoo boy is Mormon...and, my neighbor is so not my type you are right.

And if we go to the reunion pictures would be a must, well, at least of us could we get anyone else in there subtly...

Scully said...

Camera phones are very subtle. The security at the Evanescence concert was having a hard time catching anyone taking pictures of Amy Lee.

Esperanza said...

So we can take a lot of subtle photos at the reunion huh. Of whom....I've got some blackmail ideas. jk