Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Things That I Am Thankful for Today

My roomate reminded me that November is the month of Thankfullness. So today, in my super-beyond-stressed life, I am going to pause to think about a few of the things that make me happy. I will start with the superficial things since today is only the day before November 1, but I promise as it gets closer to Thanksgiving I will make my way towards the things that are really important! But for today I am thankful for: Dierks Bently, Chevy Silverado trucks, and any Outfit that you can wear with red shoes!


Panini said...

oh!! Great Outfit!!! I want it! How do you feel about wearing red hats? Or not you, per se, but me. :) I have a darling red hat and I never wear it cause I'm not sure what to wear it with -- do I have to be wearing red?

AND that Derk guy or whatever his name is that you have the picture of . . . he's hot . . . and the guy I followed into sacrament meeting looks JUST LIKE HIM, with dark curly hair (same length and everything) except my guys also got a 4-wk-old beard. But So the same look!

When he gets over his near death experience, I'll introduce you. ;)

Esperanza said...

LOL. Wear your red hat I have seen it and love it! You can wear it with a totally black outfit on and some sort of red accent, necklace or bracelett or something...that would look awesome! And totally hook yourself up with that guy if he is that good looking ;)

aquamarine said...

That outfit is fabulous. Particularly the red shoes! :) You would look so sassy.

Esperanza said...

I have red shoes...two pairs in fact, closed heeled high heels and slip on high heeled stilettos. Sad I know, who needs two pairs? I don't unfortuntly have the money for that outfit! :)