Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Thinking Calories

Apparently, we burn 70% of all the calories we consume, thinking. I don't know how this could possibly be the case...has someone determined exactly how that is based? Is it based on the recommended number of calories we should be intaking? Otherwise, shouldn't I be thin from merely thinking a lot and reading a lot? See--just doesn't make sense to me!

I do however document the phenomonon that while reading French philosophy may not make me lose weight, it gives me a headache! Have you ever just thought so hard your head hurts? (Do you lose brain cells when you have a headache? I hope not!) I think academic reading gives you a headache because instead of saying things like: "because philosophy "X" afforded no definitive proof, or measurable proof by academic standards, the scientific community has rejected "X" as inprobable." My version (still very wordy) of the following:

"European nihilism resulted from the truth requirement of science being turned back against itself...What we have here is the process of delegitimation fueled by the demand for legitimation itself." (Lyotard p. 39).

Of course, it would be really a lot easier if they said, 'because you can't prove it outside of your "senses" it cannot be true.' A philosophy which gave rise to atheism, nihilism, and Nietzsche. Of course, the real headache comes when you realize that you could have just assigned a completely different meaning to the passage you just read--than what was intended by the writer!

*head hurts.*


Anonymous said...

crappers - haven't gotten there yet

aquamarine said...

Not to down play your the seriousness of your concerns, Esperanza, but I feel like this after reading my users manual for my digital camera. *holds head* Not that I understand how to use it any better with the headache.

aquamarine said...

P.S. I blame all grammatic errors on my heachache in previous comment.

Esperanza said...

LOL. I cannot read any technical manuals at all! I have no technical lingo, and dumbly try to use my faulty intution on those types of things! :)

aquamarine said...

Yes, I try to become 'one' with the machine, which back fires almost every time!

SJ said...

The guy's name is Lyotard. Let's just think about that one.