Thursday, March 09, 2006

Moving a Bed

My brother just e-mailed me this story this week, he is serving his mission in Romania, thought it was a good one.

"Ok so one of my major lessons for the week--we were block knocking the other day and this guy passed us going down the stairs when we were talking with people, and I didn't think much of him at the moment. We got down to the 1st floor, saw the same guy, and when we walked by he started to try and move this huge bed thing. We asked if we could help him or not, and he said if we want. Ok we said we wanted to, and asked him where he wanted to move it. He then stopped, stood up,and told us how he was just testing us to see if we really were sent from God or not. He then said that we were and thanked us alot and then up and left. We were like ok...what just happened. But it really was a great lesson to me. People notice us. We are different, and we need to live up to the difference we have, to the name of Chirst we have taken upon us. We need to make sure we are always being our best. I hope someone who read s this story get somehting out of it too, I learned alot."

Love Elder B****

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aquamarine said...

That is an awesome story. You really don't know who is watching and when they are doing it!