Monday, March 20, 2006

The Luck of the Irish

My lucky shamrock finally brought me some March-fortuitous events! Little happy spring things that make life worth living this month:

1. The babies-Tait were born! I have two little new babies in the family! Lucy and Joshua Tait were born on March 19, 2006, in Stuttgart, Germany. They were both 6 1/2 lbs. and delivered without pain medication in one hour and 11 minutes! (I don't know how my sister does it!) My 28 year old sister and her PHd man, are now the parents of 4 babies! Benjamen (6), Ivin (2), and now Lucy and Joshua (1 day old!)

2. Walking out of church yesterday in the snow, a cute boy in a SUV picked me and drove me to my car! Random acts of kindness, especially by cute boys are always welcome!

3. I don't care about calories today and made Toll-House Chocholate Chip cookies! And ate 4 of them!

4. Mid-terms are over and this week is spring break! I can't go anywhere because I was going to go home, but now I'm not because my mom flew to Germany to see the babies, (born 5 weeks early)....however, I get to watch old movies, lie in bed, read good books, and do spring cleaning (?)

5. Ran into my highschool best friend Heidi, randomly in the Orem, Roberts, and she said, you know why I'm here? To buy you a gift certificate $20 for babysitting 3 weeks ago! Yeah, craft money for spring break!

6. Heidi told me her oldest, Drew, went around the house for a week after I babysat, saying, "I miss E*, she is so booteyful!" A four year odl thinks I'm cute!

7. The feeling of accomplishment after 1 1/2 hours on the phone with my parents trying to get them to scan a photo and send it as an attachment. So difficult! LOL. Love the padres!


aquamarine said...

I didn't know that your Sis was in Germany and having TWINS! I feel sick just thinking about labor none the less it being under two hours! She is amazing. Your other happy moments made me chuckle with that feel good feeling. I too discounted calories last week and made chocolate chip oatmeat cookies. I won't share how many of those I ate over the course of the week. All I can say is I will be reducing the recipe size...LOL.

Scully said...

Tell Leslie & Co. congrats for me. And on St. Patrick's Day I was sitting in the BYU-I auditorium watching a dance spectacular in which their World Dance Troupe was performing a Riverdance sort of dance and I almost cried because I was so homesick for Ireland and England. How sad is that?

Esperanza said...

I will pass on the congratulations...walking...I ate more cookies since that blog...but I really made them for my V.T.s...jk! Scully...all the more reason to save for a trip back?!