Monday, April 03, 2006

Goal Report

I just wanted to encourage accountability in myself by reporting on the progress of my New Year's 2006 Resolutions after 3 months. Some good, some bad, some ugly. And I should like Walking, add a few more goals after listening to General Conference...

Excellent Progress:

3. Stop saying that one little swear word that slips out.
5. Stop freaking out when hot men talk to me.
11. No more purses or shoes, I have enough already.
19. Do well in school.
21. Publish a Paper.

Not perfect--but have seen some significant progress:

4. Stop buying scrapbook paper until I use what I have.
17. Have more charity.
6. Take better care of skin, moisturizing, sun screen ect.,
7. Be a better sister to both of my sisters.
10. Stop eating so much salt.

On going struggles:

1. Attend Enrichment regularly.
8. See my grandparents more often.
13. Some good dates with some good guys.
18. Be a more patient driver.

Haven't Done Yet at All:

2. Run a 10 k.
9. Go on one fabulous vacation.
14. Keep Better Tabs on World News.
15. Read, Preach My Gospel
16. Hike Mt. Timpangoos

Shouldn't even be a goal:

20. Have nice legs. LOL.


aquamarine said...

I am proud of your progress, Esperanza. Not to bad for only three months to have kicked three bad habits already! By the way, my no-goal-goal, would have to be have a flat stomach. I will forever look like an apple I am afraid. LOL

Scully said...

Congrats, E! Random note, had weird dream that I was looking at an issue of InStyle and they had a picture essay about one of our friends, but I don't know who, but the pics were of us when we were young. Pics that never happened. Like the one I remember 'recognizing' first involved you and me and Heather in a pool in our purple ward basketball shirts with permed hair. Crazy, no?

Esperanza said...

Yeah, some things we have to realize, well at least for me, I'll pick out nice legs in the millenium. JK. Wow, crazy dream Scully! Prob. you will be famous and I will have to sue INStyle for putting some of those pix that include me in them without permission! jk LOL>