Friday, February 15, 2013

Do Something That Scares You

Terry Tempest Williams
My friend Cami and I attended a writing workshop with author, Terry Tempest Williams, (Refuge, When Women Were Brids). Her advice to aspiring writers?
"Write something that scares you...Write about the questions that keep you from sleeping at night."

Last week I did. I wrote about the growing problems with teen promiscuity and potential sexual addictions through the use of cell phones and social media. As a high school teacher I see the growing problem and worry about the future. It has kept me up at night. I wrote about it. I shared it. It is on page O6 of The Salt Lake Tribune, Sunday February 10, and can be found here:

My Article in the Salt Lake Tribune, February 10

 I'm proud of myself for writing about something that keeps me up at night. Terry Tempest Williams said stories (writing) becomes soceity's collective concsious, and I believe that it can. I believe change begins with dialogue. I'm adding my voice, and I plan on continuing to add my voice to things I feel passionate about.


WalkConkies said...

Way to go, Krystal! I am very impressed. It can't be easy to publish something from your heart in a place like the newspaper where some people are sure to be incredibly insensitive. Way to write about something that scares you and publish it too! You did an incredible job. However, I think I might be up all night tonight now :)!

Katie said...

Good for you! The world is a scary place. Congrats on the published article. :)

Katrina said...

I am glad you went to the writers workshop. The challenge was a good one and I think your article is incredible. Congratulations for speaking up on a difficult issue. Your voice needs to continue to be heard.

Missy said...

Wow! Great article! I had no idea of all the implications. You are such a great writer and an amazing, caring teacher.