Sunday, April 01, 2012

Look in the mirror...

Look in the mirror and remind yourself you are in your 30's.

I have maybe been accused of looking and acting younger than I am, and I appreciate that, and admit it.

The problem is, the men I am dating are in their 30's...some of them act like they are in their 30's and some of them look like they are in their 40's...and that is okay, right?

I am looking for a responsible man and it's okay if he looks older, right? Men have less options for staying younger looking, and that's just the way it is. I am looking really hard for a nice man to fall in love with. Dating for this long, stinketh. But really, in the spirit of notes to self and rambling, I really am looking for just a nice man who is smart and righteous and relatively attractive, right? Right.

The argument we ladies in our 30's have is what is still important? What is absolutely essential and what isn't? None of us want to age ourselves out of getting married period. But no one wants to settle, either.


Missy said...

I will say though that I wasn't really attracted to Shawn's looks at first. I also told my sister that too when she went out with a guy she didn't really find attractive. Now we are both married to them and find them irresistible! I wish I has someone I could set you up with! You are an amazing woman!

Duludes said...

Well some guy well be very lucky to have such a gorgeous gal as yourself for a wife someday. It's funny how life turns out so much different then we had pictured in High School. I was watching the General YW Broadcast today and the 1st counselor talked briefly on that.

WalkConkies said...

It's kind of like the movies - you don't usually find someone attractive until you get to know them. I wasn't interested in Andy at first because he was TOO good looking and therefore I figured he wouldn't have much personality. Boy was I wrong! You definitely can't judge a book by it's cover! You have a beautiful cover and the personality to go with it. I guess we'd all prefer a man without make-up :0). Hee hee.