Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Don't Hang Yourself With A Celebate Rope

Alas~ words to wisdom from the 90's song, "Bust a Move" (in case you didn't catch the reference). LOL. This is what my friend Krista and I decided needs to be our new theme song! Trying to date seems like a joke sometimes! There is a persistent man who has now asked me out 4 x and we still have not gone out, my roomate Crissy is trying to set me up with her new boyfriend's roomate, apparently 12-15 year old boys find me really attractive, which I find really creepy, there is a hot, hot, hot, no-mo as SJ would say that smokes and has tatoots that keeps flirting with me that I keep running away from, and I just want to scream, because he is a temptation! AND--sorry to keep going with the pop references, "I'm running out of ways, running out of ways of running away...running out of time, time time." And that is how I feel lately. I'm tired of running away from relationships, guys, marriage, committment, but I have to keep running away from the bad, bad options, and yet how then do you train yourself to run to the good options? Speaking of, my hot fantasy boy from across the street, was at our stake quilting activity/service project and he threaded my needle for me, but when he was doing it, of his own free will, he approached me, neither of us looked each other in the eyes, and agian I want to say--is 31? and am I 27? or are we both 14? It was sweet though, I have to admit. Hot men at quilting activites...hmm...he probably had to go because he is his ward's EQP. And well, Panini and I were recounting some pretty funny/harrowing running away dreams if you want the full scoop. Alas~ how do we pick up and keep on going? I don't know. Just remember that "every dark tunnel has a light of hope, so don't hang yourself with a celebate rope." LOL.

Good Article on Relationship Goals for 2007:>1=8881&wa=wsignin1.0


Panini said...

:) You're so great.
Threading your needle . . . .
ahh. I can think of a few guys I'd like to thread my needle. ;)
hey wait. that sounds worse than I meant it.
Did you get that article I sent you about "there's no my type" . . . my mom subscribed me to the relationship magazine it was in, and then she sent me that article . . . because I think she thought it applied to my life. ;)
and, she's right.

aquamarine said...

LOL, Esperanza! I loved all the references. What a hoot. Hang in there, though and stick with your new motto. Very catchy. ;)

Esperanza said...

LOL. Panini, you kill me, I just let out a laugh in the SC lab! :) Thank you for your encouragement aqua~. And yes, Panini, I got that article and it sooo applies to me too! I loved it, thanx!