Friday, November 02, 2012

Mentoring an Editor

I was a little nervous this year about working with my new newspaper editor because I could just sense how much mentoring she needed. Teen girls in search of a solid identity need love and care. I always feel strongly the responsibility of being a good example, mentor and really, life-coach. It has turned out to be so wonderful. Watching her assume leadership and helping her assume leadership has brought me a lot of joy this year. I truly feel a sense of pride in her and her accomplishments, and really of my whole newspaper staff. We have worked really hard this year and our paper looks better than ever.

Most of us in our oh-so-cool Lion's Roar shirts

Compliment and constructive criticism day - always fun after a paper comes out!

Our special October edition 2012
I appreciate the hard times and good that come with a class of this sort where we work hard to produce a product. The other day one of the students said we are like family, and we are. They are my little school newspaper family, and as such sometimes I'm like their mom, sometimes their sister, their friend, or even their grandma when I call them out on something inappropriate.

Every year I think - this will be my last, I've mentored enough young writers, I can't possibly care for anymore students like I did the last, and every year I do.


Missy said...

The paper looks good! I wish I had you for a teacher when I was in high school. I'm sure you are a wonderful teacher!

The Gurrs said...

You are wonderful! i hope the world never stops having teachers who care like you do!!!

Orange said...

The circle of their faces looks so beautiful - reflecting light and hope.

WalkConkies said...

You are making a great difference in their lives. Way to go! And, it sounds like they in return are making a huge difference in your own. It is amazing how much you can love someone when you serve them with your whole heart. Blessings both ways!