Monday, July 02, 2012

What Happens in St. George, Stays in St. George

Weekend Retreat in St. George, Utah 2012

This past weekend several of my good friends from high school and I got together and had a weekend retreat in St. George, Utah. We went to the Tuachan Theatre and saw Aladin, which was very fun, swam, played tennis, hit a few delicious resturants and went to the St. George temple.

Going to the temple was probably one of the highlights. It was amazing to feel the faith of these wonderful women, and share the spirituality of the temple. We all live very different lives and have very different blessings and challenges, but we are happy, successful women, and I appreciate the wonderful friendship we still share.

Marta, Heather, Heidi, Carey, Me, and Melissa at the St. George, LDS Temple

Heidi and I and Melissa in our cool, 3-D glasses at the Tuachan

Our feet.

Benjas, declicious Thai resturant in St. George

It was so fun to just relax and leave cares behind for a fun weekend together. It is funny how our little personalities are still the same even though we are all grown up! Love these ladies.
We all had to try to the Love Lite meter and see how love-capable we are! :)


WalkConkies said...

So awesome!!! I'm so glad we did it. We are so dang lucky to have such great friends! Thanks for taking and sharing all the photos! You are the bestest :)!

Missy said...

How fun! And there's Heidi! It was so fun seeing you last week. Hopefully we can get together more often!

Duludes said...

Okay Krystal, why didn't you post a picture of you and your love score, ha ha. I think we had to much fun. I can only hope and pray that my future children are blessed with such good friends to grow up with like we all had.

Missy Anne said...

To good friends, vacation, and Thai food! ;-) The temple was also the highlight for me too! I came home wiped out, but so refreshed!

bwabbeyinnUT said...
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bwabbeyinnUT said...

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