Sunday, May 02, 2010

Three Reasons to Feel Sorry for Me

Three reasons you could feel sorry for me:

1. My little brother is getting married this week, before me.

2. My little sister is in love and looking forward to marriage at some point with her man, before me.

3. I just got kicked out of the singles’ ward and am attending a “conventional,” “regular,” or “family” ward. I am now technically an “older single.”

Reasons you should not feel sorry for me.

1. I really like Reece’s future wife and Brooke’s future husband, and am so (sincerely) extremely excited for them and the blessings they are receiving in their lives. How can I grudge my siblings the blessings I have been looking forward to for so long?

2. I’m adjusting to the family ward. It is nice to not worry about cute boys and having to meet them in the ward. It is going to take a little bit longer for me to get used to not checking out the good-looking men, because in my ward they are all married. I have a handful of single girl-friends in the ward so I have people to sit by. It is A LOT louder, but the cute kids make me want to have babies, if I should ever find a man. And maybe now I will be more aware, later in life, of the single people in the church and the way they need the married members to reach out to them, because it’s true, being single in a family ward, makes you feel like a weird-0.

3. Life is good. I just got back from Paris and Morocco, and am starting graduate school. My life is good; the Lord has really blessed me.


panini said...

I heart you! And I really think you're going to be so glad it happens when it does and that it didn't happen earlier! Drinking the nectar, baby! Have to say the family ward thing sucks, though. And just to vouch for things never really changing...we don't fit into our ward b/c we don't have kids...therefore ignored. lol

WalkConkies said...

All I have to say is that your future family is going to be so lucky to have you in their lives - much because of the incredible experiences you are now going through and the patience you surely are attaining! (I think my hubby and kids would appreciate the patience thing more than I can say!) And that is huge that you love these future family members - Reese and Brooke's future spouses! You are amazing! Love ya!!!

JMadd said...

I'm with Panini - we don't fit into our family ward because we don't have kids and we're not 100 gazillion years old. It doesn't ever really get better, so you just have to bloom where you're planted. And you will get married and you'll be glad that it is the right time... because it always is the exact right time when it happens.

alwaysadorable said...

This just shows the amazing person you are! You could feel very miserable but the very things that seem to be upsets are the very things that you find to be blessings! You are a great example of patience, trust, and faith that your new ward is lucky to have!

Sara said...

The grass is always greener . . . :) I feel very grateful to have my sweet little family, but when I visit your blog I am so incredibly in awe (and a little jealous) of your freedom, independence, and amazing adventures! Plus, you still look 20!!! 4 kids and 7 sleepless years later, I definitely don't look or feel a day older than 45 ( I'm 30.) ;) I love catching up with you and your adventures! Thanks for sharing them on your blog!