Monday, May 08, 2006

Its Spring Time in Provo~

The signs of spring in Provo:

1- I have counted 12 pregnant (very pregnant) women out on the streets in the past week.
2- The radio announced this morning as I got up that, "wedding season is in full swing."
3- Heard my frist yearly commericals for hair removal and breast enhancement on the radio.
4- No more lines at restruants or movie theatres now that school is out.
5- I put on fake sun tan lotion courtesy of Nuetrogena this past weekend.
6- Hundreds of people up Provo canyon on bikes, feet, strollers, and roller blades.
7- I only saw one black dress with black heels this past Sunday at church.
8- The grass is green and sun is warm, and people are much more happy.


aquamarine said...

Ah, yes, spring is in the air! I have found another way to identify spring since being in primary...all the little kids get crushes on each other for summer time buddies. Cute and funny!

Esperanza said...

I need a crush and a summer time buddy too! :)