Monday, May 08, 2006

I Did It! I Did It! I Did It! I Did It!

I Dit It! I ran a 10k, 6.2 miles! Whew. Amazing. We ran it in just over an hour so we ran 6, 10-11.5 minute miles. Which is amazing really. Attests to human will and strength. I'm not going to lie, I was just fine and dandy and okay until mile 5. Then I wimpered, whined, complained, and almost threw up, rolled over on the ground and died. But I ran it! Thanks to my friend Michelle we did have good pacing, and beat-out the boy who ran with us at mile 4. It shows me that anything I can do the background-work for, and try really hard and prepare for, isn't as scary as I think it is!

And, one more goal down for the year 2006!

As a side note, there are those moments you love your parents even more, and know exactly why you called them. My dad pulled through for me last night. He was so excited that I ran the 10k, told me I should hang my T-shirt on the wall, and just really gave me the congratulations and support you love your dad for. We were talking and I said, you know dad, I don't progress at very fast rates, but its important to me that I continue to progress. And my dad (*sniff*) waxed philosophical and said you know, I don't progress as fast as others either, there are better-looking, smarter, richer, more spiritual people than me, but I am convinced that I can be just as happy as anyone else as long as I do progress, and I try hard to be happy. (Love my dad!).


aquamarine said...

Congratulations!!!!! What an amazing accomplishment. Not only did you run a marathon, you also fulfilled one of your yearly goals. Very impressed and inspired by far Esperanza!!!

Scully said...

Can I just say I think your dad is awesome too? Friday night, your mom and dad came to Michael's open house and I and my parents were kind of stressed, because we needed to have everything down and cleaned up ASAP because my mom and I were driving away early Saturday morning. Well, your dad helped my dad get all the chairs stacked against the garage and the large tables put up and ready for loading into the truck to return to the rental place. I almost cried, because my brother was being a total twit and not helping, but there your dad was, helping my dad in the dark. Anyway, CONGRATS on the 10k! That is amazing. I would have died around mile 2.

Esperanza said...

Thanks for the cheers, and thanks Scully for the bit on my dad, he is cool...I also want to hear all about how the wedding and reception and everything went!