Saturday, February 18, 2006

New Fantasy Boyfriend

My new fantasy boyfriend is Seth Westcott the gold-medalist USA olympian in the SnowboardCross. So, good-looking, so talented, blew everyone away. Course, he is dating gold-medalist in women's snowboard cross from Switzerland, but I can break up their little olymic love affair right? List of things to do: learn how to snowboard. jk LOL.


aquamarine said...

Ah, to be caught up in such a dynamic love triange...le sigh.

Scully said...

I'll have to check him out. I've hardly been paying attention to the Olympics. I did see the women's half-pipe, which was cool, but watching that and listening to the interviews just made me feel like a big old fogey-nerd. So I stopped watching. And I can hardly watch figure skating because I get so stressed when they do jumps and throws (I almost died when that Chinese couple did the triple throw and she landed on her knees). Anyway, my new fantasy boyfriend is John Krasinski who plays Jim on NBC's the Office. So cute!