Thursday, December 15, 2005


1. They overbooked my flight home by 10 people...guess who spent 7 hours in the SLC airport, but now has $400, to use where ever Delta flies! Guess I am going to have to take a vacation by next Dec. 16th!

2. Since my sister lives in Germany, and my brother is on his mission, it is my turn to bond with dad. Spent a little over an hour in the Ranch & Home store...and so much more. Jeans were on sale for $9.99, no, I didn't buy any.

3. I know I am home when mom says, "I liked your hair best when..." This time she was assertive, and now my hair will be chopped in approx. 2 hours from now. Are moms ever satisfied? This is my question.

4. And what am I going to do for the next 3 weeks? Hmph. Boy, oh boy.


JB said...

3 weeks is a lot of time to spend at home. I remember when 2 was just enough to leave me wanting for more, but after a month I wanted to be out of the state again... I hope your holidays are nice. :)

aquamarine said...

Well there is always the blog, ;). The bright side is that you will have home cooked meals for the next three weeks.

By the way, when did your younger siblings get old enough to leave ML? I feel old. LOL

SJ said...

New York here we come

Sherpa said...

I always go to those "ranch and home" stores with my dad when i go home.

Scully said...

Ahh, Ranch & Home. I remember they had a whole wall of Wrangler jeans and a big stuffed bear that always freaked me out. Congrats on the Delta dollars. I truly, truly hope not to have to deal with that next week. I hate the overbooking thing!

Esperanza said...

NYC or somewhere fabulous! I think overbooking is good when its to your advantage!